Will my membership with another ambulance company apply to my bill?

We honor memberships from most ambulance organizations in Berks County.  Please contact the office with any questions. 

I have a membership plan with WBAA so why did I get a bill?

Your membership applies to emergency and non-emergency but medically-necessary ambulance transportation, however we may not have your current insurance information.   Please contact the office to verify your information.    Wheelchair transports are not covered under the membership plan.

Must I pay my account all at once or can I pay it over time?

WBAA will submit to any available insurance source, however if a balance still remains, WBAA offers flexible monthly payment options which can be paid by check or credit card.

Are all of your services covered by insurance?

WBAA offers several non-ambulance services that are not covered by insurance plans. You should check with your insurance carrier prior to service to verify if it is covered. Additionally, some ambulance services may not be covered by your insurance, especially non-emergency ambulance transportation.  Please call our office so that we can address your specific situation. 

I live in another state; can you still provide me with transportation?

Although we can transport you out of this state, licensure normally prohibits us from providing transportation that originates outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Please contact us directly so that we can discuss your specific needs. 

I received a check in the mail from my insurance company.  Is this my money to keep?

It is most likely a payment that was mailed to you from your insurance company and is intended to be forwarded to the healthcare provider. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for further clarification.

My child received a bill and I want to know what happened?

Although your child may be insured by you, if your child is 18 or older, federal mandates prohibit us from discussing the medical reasons related to his or her care without first receiving written permission from the patient. The required documentation can be obtained by calling our business office.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident but it was the other party’s fault.  Why do I need to give you my auto insurance information?

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania only allows us to bill one person or party. Although we will send the bill to your auto insurance, your auto insurance will contact the other party’s insurance for appropriate payment.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident but I do not have insurance coverage on it. How do I submit it to my health insurance?

Health insurances require a signed affidavit (denial letter) from the patient/insurance stating that no auto insurance was in effect for the vehicle at the time of service.

I was involved in a work-related accident.  Why did I receive the bill?

Although you may have received a bill, this bill is to be turned over to your company’s human resources staff member. It is advisable they contact us with the appropriate workers' compensation information.

A person I spoke to at my Medicare carrier stated that they would pay for this. Why didn’t you submit it to them?

Not all services we provide are covered by Medicare. WBAA is not required to submit claims for service that federal law prohibits Medicare from paying. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our office for clarification. 

How much notice must I give to schedule a transport?

Although more notice will give us better ability to accommodate you, WBAA can schedule you as soon as you know services are required.