Services Available

Interfacility Transports

  • Western Berks Ambulance not only responds to emergencies, we also offer Interfacility and Long Distance Transports. (These transports must be medically necessary to be covered under the membership program.)

Wheelchair Van Transports

  • We have 5 wheelchair vans so we can transport patients to doctor appointments, dialysis appointments, etc. when it isn't medically necessary to go by ambulance.  (Wheelchair service is not covered under the membership for rates)
  • Another value-added service is PUC transport.  This means we provide wheelchair transports for any reason other than medical, i.e. transport to a family's home for dinner, transport to a wedding, etc.  (PUC transports are not covered under the membership for rates)
  • We provide door-to-door service, not just curb-to-curb like other transport services.


  • We have strategically placed our ambulances throughout our coverage area so we can provide prompt, efficient and effective pre-hospital emergency care.
  • 2506 Belmont Avenue in West Lawn 
  • 551 W. Penn Avenue in Robesonia
  • 223A Playground Drive in West Reading (West Reading Fire Station)

Patient Rights

  • If you are a patient in a hospital or other medical facility, you have the right to request the ambulance provider of your choice to transport you to another facility or to your home and that request must be honored regardless of any other contracted service that facility might have with other ambulance services.  It's your right as a patient!  In fact, you may even call us directly to schedule the transport.  Just call 610-678-1545, ext. 6507 to make arrangements.


If you utilize our services and we bill your insurance, some insurance companies will send you the payment.   Even if you are a member of Western Berks Ambulance, you are responsible for signing that check over to us to pay your bill.  If you are a member, whatever balance is remaining after we receive the insurance check will be closed out and you will not be balance billed.  If you are not a member, you will be billed for the balance.